Celine Dion Rocks Balmain

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When you hear the name Celine Dion, you instantly remember Titanic ‘My heart will go on’ right?  Ok, maybe that’s just me.  My friend and I one day waltzed into the movies in hope of getting some seats for Titanic, and surprisingly managed to pick up 2 front row tickets (OK, not so great when its the movies), the moral of this story, we were both an emotional wreck!

OK back to the topic now, not only does Celine have vocals to make you listen on with sheer appreciation, but she’s the hidden gem of the fashion world.  Celine certainly knows how to dress for her age (43) jealous much?! And ensures whatever she throws on compliments her svelte figure.

She recently performed in Jamaica, and damn she looked firing.  Its not the first time she’s rocked Balmain, Celine often wears and carries her choice effortlessly when she performs.

One of my favourite’s from Celine’s choice of Balmain

Celine Dion in Balmain over the years

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