Neck Candy

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Necklace is the new black in the world of Jewellery.  It adds an element of Chic to a plain ensemble or elegance to a ballroom gown.  Personally I am fond of ancient looking necklaces since watching Spartacus Season1 (don’t ask, I know its a mans programme with lots of skin shown and blood spread) –  i’m drawn to post on this look in the near future since I honestly love it, the style of Spartan women oozzessss sexiness!

There are so many different styles of neck candy from collar, pendant, choker, beaded, peter pan (in trend and worthy of burning some small holes in my pocket), ancient, bib, body chain, draped – the list is exhaustive.

Put me in the mall for an hour – and I will show you what a loose canon means, Literally! I would be spoilt for choice.

The body chain necklace asks for some serious attention.

Peter Pan Necklace – Tip: Best worn with a shirt (dress) or blouse.





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