Latest Buy – Topshop Heeled Espadrilles

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I am currently visiting the UK and cant help but drag myself to the mall almost everyday – to the extent where I am now a bit sick and tired of the same routine (unlike me) – though I only have myself to blame since I”m visiting the same mall day in day out!  Let me tell you, one thing that I have noticed about UK street style is the hotpant.  I’m not head over heels about this look but its a trend I have observed over the past couple of days – too much derriere for my liking and too much flesh on show can look slightly tacky!

I digress, on my journey today I stumbled across a pair of heeled Espadrilles from Topshop and I absolutely love them – although the heel is a whopping 4.5 inches, I don’t know how I will fair against them, hopefully OK.  The espadrille is generally a flat shoe, however these beauties are on the higher side!

It’s a very easy shoe to match with outfits, and the front leather is shaped in a complimentary way so you don’t have to spend too long fixing up an outfit.


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