Baby Got Style Feature!

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When my sister visited me not too long ago, I managed to sneek a peek through her camera and I was quite proud of her efforts in dressing my nephew – he is  one cool, calm and collected babyista!  Well, the credit does go to her after all for her effort in making him look like a charming lil man, I think without question he outshines me with his never-ending amount of clothes – I should be ashamed of myself  🙂  To top it off, he actually enjoys it.  Some toddlers cannot stand a scarf around their neck, or a hat on their wee little heads – its normally a battle between parent and child, but this lil man parades around asking to be papped – of course by ma familia.

Whilst visiting him a few weeks ago, I managed to capture a few of his outfits – and OH, as if butter wouldn’t melt! I absolutely love his baseball cap from H&M – Im green with Envy!  Im hoping I can get some previous outfit snaps from my sister – lets see!


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