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I would like to present to you an impressive online fashion read, Fustany! the leading Online Fashion Destination in the Middle East focusing on Designers, Boutiques, Daily News, Events & the latest Trends. Having recently stumbled across Fustany, I feel compelled to share this with all you fashion fanatics.

What I love about the internet, in particular the ‘Mr Handy Andy’ of the online world, Ms. Google is the efficiency to come across other individuals who share the same interest with a view to boost individual knowledge – something that doesn’t have an expiration date.  Nearly a third of the earth’s population is using the Internet according to the internet society – now that’s a silent callout for all my Fashionsista’s and Fasionmista’s to get their skates on and get online to share their great finds.  

Fashion Souqs Definition of Fustany – the online magazine and one stop fashion fix in the Middle East.

What I like about Fustany:

  • Insight into various different middle eastern designers (especially if you are less familiar with what the Middle East has to offer)
  • The ‘Yours Daily’ section
  • The ‘GIVEAWAYS’ section – I definitely will be following the blood trail to a gorgeous Givenchy silk scarf by Lemuda. Closing date is 05.05.2012 (Have I shot myself in the foot with disclosing this information – ahhh well, all is fair in love and war, may the force of luck be with you :))

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