Celine Mini Luggage

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When it comes to handbags, I go weak in my knees, Literally!!  I am the definition of an impulse buyer.  Some people say ‘old habits, die hard’ not when it comes to handbags and me, we have a great connection and bond very, very extremely well!

To cut a long story short, over the past few years after buying just a few handbags I can honestly say Celine has outdone itself by creating the ‘mini’ of all handbags, the Celine Mini luggage.  I absolutely love this handbag, its spacious (even though its the mini) – you can carry uni books, work folders, extra clothing on top of all your other essentials like make-up, your lunchbox or even for some your pet.  Its the perfect, (well almost,if you dont mind carrying your handbag on your wrist) travel bag – I used it exactly for that reason, and managed to get all what I needed, so definitely thumbs up.

I opted for a cream-ish colour, even after the salesman mentioned clients complained about colour transfer.  Lucky for me, I havent experienced that, nor do I want too – I use it pretty much every day, that’s how practical it is.  I would love to invest in maybe 1 or 2 more,  a black mini luggage and a Nano.

Celine has been popular amongst many, and I can 100% agree!!!


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