Velsvoir Bow Ties

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I havent been very active on here recently, life is a bit, well very hectic at the minute. I wish there were more hours in the day, wishful thinking right!

Sauce in Dubai are diplomats to local brands and are often showcasing countless launches to promote local talent – a refreshing breathe of fresh air.  Of recent, the luxury brand Velsvoir took to stage and did a fantastic job of presenting its dashing range of Bow Ties.  3 Brothers have joined forces and chosen to go down this road, and props to them!  The launch in fact was an inauguration of the female range and it simply drizzled in colour, texture and demanded some serious attention. If you are a bow tie lover, check out their website to see what you might get your hands on. I was overflowed by the liveliness of the event, but still snapped a few of the bow ties.

Brother 1 Velsvoir

Brothers 2 & 3 Velsvoir


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