Fashionsista’s – Nina Sky

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Do you remember ‘Move Ya Body’?  Ok, so you might not remember simply by the name. They’re better known as your favourite twins?? They are super hot and have a great fashion sense, that I am in awe off.  Identical twins Nicole and Natalie Albino better know as Nina Sky, that is.

Have you seen their dress sense?? The individual style of Nicole and Natalie has come along way since they started out in 2004 and they have clearly found their own personal identity. There’s nothing worse than a celeb trying way too hard  (Lady Gaga) and although I do like the more popular choices i.e. bodycon dress, a girl who can pull of a casual look without looking like a plain jane is a double thumbs up.

I don’t normally follow ‘celebs’ on Facebook, but Nina Sky is currently the only exception. Every so often, updates spring up on my timeline, and in just a click I’m checking out whats new in the world of Nina Sky. Their style is inspirational, not your typical top-to-toe designer and not your typical Louboutins and Chanel ladies (though I’m sure they have a few pieces hidden away somewhere, who can stay away) both sisters adopt a boy meets girl, edgy chic that sets them apart from the norm.

It goes without say that you MUST have the right body to emulate their style, I mean you wouldn’t want to see Kim Kardashian in half the outfits these ladies wear. Check out their Blog and Facebook to follow their style and inspiration.

Now, someone  please give me a map with clear directions to Nina Sky’s closet (Maybe I should use the plural form, closets’) to eye up.

Nicole could only carry of these creepers, matched perfectly with yellow socks.

Denim shorts with a sheer overskirt = genius!

Nicole’s Chino’s are super fly and dashingly wow. Natalie’s rocking her signature red lips as per

You can never go wrong with a hint of leather. I LOVE everything worn in this picture, Nicole opting for a boyfriend look and Natalie looks like a doll in those leather pants.

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