Istanbul – Day 1 & 2

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I am loving my new addiction with necklace layering

Istanbul is one of the most historical places I have witnessed to date, the amount of history this city holds is just unbelievable.

Sultanahmet is where we stayed, located on the Europe side of Turkey.  We managed to scout the area pretty quickly, but let me tell you this place is a NO’HEEL’ZONE, the pavements are mainly cobbles and the tiles are split in more ways than one. That didn’t deter me, I loved every moment except the food issue. I am a big food lover and open to trying different cuisines, but after the first day I was craving sauces, spice, flavours etc although we managed to find an Indian place the day before departure.

We headed towards Taksim square the following day for a spot of shopping. This place was firing with atmosphere, more like ‘the city that never sleeps’ and again, the level of walking required was massive. The Pasaji (Passages) was the best part, dripping in clothes, Jewellery,  crockery, people, cafe’s, gift items and (a secret between you and I) clothes from high street stores i.e. Topshop that are made in Turkey sent here for reasons that have failed quality checks)


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