Peplum Tops – Easy to wear, or Troublesome.

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Today has provoked me to write about my opinion on the mid-flare top better known as the peplum. Having purchased a fair share (thinking  the next will be better than the first), I can honestly say that I am no enthusiast.  Do they look pretty?! Of course!! Does a peplum top suit everybody?! No!!! Is it comfortable?! Hell NOOOOOO!!  What I least like about the peplum top is the line that runs through the middle, making it cagey and troublesome.  Some critics say it effortlessly hides a ‘muffin top’ but depending on the material used, it can do the complete opposite.  I also truly believe (with experience) that depending on where the mid-line sits, it can look slightly odd (creased and lumpy).  Having recently bought a peplum skirt might just change my opinion a tad, lets see. Peplum dresses might also be different, who knows??? Maybe you do if you own one! Do share your thoughts.



  1. I have only tried on a peplum shirt, and I’m surprised how much I loved it. I have quite a tummy, so I expected it to be very unflattering. It’s very similar to the first photo you have, only in black. It was so flattering! It looks good with just jeans, and amazing with a green pencil skirt. I think it really does depend on body type and what it’s made of. I have never tried a peplum dress or skirt, but I feel like, as you said, depending on body type, it could be good.

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