OOTD – Fédora

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Fedora: Forever21, Vest & Necklace: Zara, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Mango

Eid Mubarak to all celebrating. Let me tell you the lengths that Dubai has gone to make Eid a memorable one, the government has succeeded in making sure of this, hosting a marathon of 24 hour shopping (and i’m not talking supermarkets) ensuring time is of the essence for all, I mean have you ever said ‘I’m going to the mall to get those shoes from xyz at 3am, or I think I need to get my baby a pair of xyz’  and it doesn’t stop just there, do you remember Banana in Pajama’s?! Last night, real life Banana’s were roaming around Dubai Mall, Gangnam style flash mob’s took centre stage, late night movies and a host of exciting stuff to keep the night-crawlers indulged.  I managed to sneak a handful of delicious delicacies from S*uce boutique to add to the calories that comes with Eid, of course! And as a result, today I detoxed with a healthy-ish salad from the incredible Circle which is surrounded by some amazing scenery (unfortunately, the area is a strict no photography zone?!! i’m bamboozled that such a beautiful place doesn’t allow tourists and residents to take snaps, nonetheless I was too late in being warned whoopsiee)


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