My Essential Beauty Products

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Mascara and Gel Eyeliner: Maybelline, Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Miami Coral

I have always and will always be fond of make-up, I have trial and tested so many different products from high end to low end, and my make-up case will agree strongly.  I’ve had a few emails asking me what lipstick colour I have been using in my recent posts and its the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour, which is one of, if not the best one I have purchased in Miami Coral, Mac ‘Kinda Sexy’ comes in at a close second. The Bobbi Brown lippy is great because it has SPF15, which is marvelous when you live in a hot country like me, but whats more complimenting is the texture – it doesn’t dry out quickly and the colour intensity can be built from natural to noticeable.  I am an advocate of all things nude, and will only deviate to a dangerous red on odd occasions.

Mascara wise, I would highly recommend the Falsies by Maybelline.  If you’re like me and have been blessed with sparse eyelashes, then get yourselves into a drugstore and grab one of these.  It adds great magnitude to thin eyelashes, what more does a woman want?! Maybe a few Birkins might do the trick. Last but not least, if you have a stable hand,  this Maybelline Gel Eyeliner is the perfect option for drama without it per say. It comes with a brush so there’s no need to splash the cash.


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