Sales Etiquette

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In Dubai the Shopping Festival (DSF) is almost here, in the UK boxing day sales have passed but further reductions are set to take place in the coming days. Temptation is calling your name, its OK to give in considering you have the right energy and right attitude. Before you get set to splash your cash, bear in mind a few things for an ‘easier’ ride.

10 rules to follow when hitting the sales:

1. No pushing or Shoving – Its just plain rude and you’re not 5 years old are you?!.  No matter how frustrated you are, there is no excuse to resort to unpleasant behaviour. If you find your blood pressure increasing, get out – don’t shop in those conditions. Are you being nudged, pushed, poked, squashed, elbowed? Try not to mirror the culprit, it will only become worse, you could however (considering your inner rebel comes out) kindly inform them to stop or else the storms coming in the next 2 minutes…. only kidding you, but seriously you can graciously advise them of what they’re doing – it’s possible that they’re oblivious to it. And of course, Ladies, don’t let your hormones run off course – control those little monsters.

2. Queue jumping – you’re only going to be waiting as long as the next person so if you’re getting increasingly annoyed, the person in front of you is in the same boat – just remember that.  Keep yourself occupied, calculate your bill, call a friend, count sheep, pray, do whatever in your power to avoid skipping the line.

3. Wear something comfortable – choosing a pair of your highest Zanotti’s, or in my case Topshop will resort in 2 things, number 1 & 2 on this list. It will get hot, so it’s probably not appropriate to wear an angora jumper or leather pants, no no! Stick to thinner materials such as chiffon, cotton and silk if you must.

4. Don’t just buy it – It might have a luring 75% off price tag, but do you really need it? ‘It’s a size smaller, but I must have it’  NO YOU DON’T. Trust me I know its hard, ask me, but you’re probably never going to wear it unless you plan to shift those pounds, and no i’m not talking money. Impulsiveness does on the odd occasion get the better of us, try to avoid is as much as you can.

5. Changing rooms – keep it clean. Someone else will be using it next, and I for one wouldn’t want to enter a room full of hangers, tissues, gum, empty drink bottles, food on the floor – I’m sure you wouldn’t want to enter a room full of the aforementioned either. Its gross

6. Deodorant – as much as you ‘might’ not sweat, you never really know.  Try not to suffocate fellow shoppers

7. ‘It’s not my job’ it might not be, but the staff have probably been working since 7am and on their feet all day – be a bit considerate. Its only common courtesy to pick those clothes you just dropped on the floor, unless the staff insist they will do it.

8. Choose a time that will suit your crowd. If you intend to go with kid 1,2 and 3 it’s ideal to go early morning, come 1pm you’ve had it, not only will you have the responsibility of making sure kid 1 doesn’t unbuckle himself too early, kid 2 is crying her eyes out and kid 3 asking ‘when can I get out of the car, repeatedly’ on the other hand you’re fighting against another 1450000 to land a vacant parking spot.

9. Emergency stop – yes, that’s right! Stopping suddenly will cause a bit of chaos among the chaos. If you do plan to stop abruptly, try and do it with enough space for the poor soul behind to squeeze past.

10. Last but not least, leave the husband at home. A whining partner is too stressful haha 😉

NOW, go get em Tiger!


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