Diesel SS’13 Preview

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Fashky LOVES:

Fashky loves

Can you remember your first pair of high-end/designer jeans? Diesel  has always been renowned for their jeans, and I must admit my first pair (bought in 2001) were pretty amazing. I remember vividly, they were distressed skinnies and matched with almost, if not everything so I decided to purchase a similar pair – the only difference being, I got them from the men’s section to achieve the boyfriend look – I recall living in them, literally.

I’m in love all over again,  this time it’s with this stylish orange leather vest from Diesel’s SS’13 collection.  Grunge-chic springs to mind, and come to think of it,  So Chaud Mac lipstick does too (just a random thought). The SS’13 collection will most definitely be a hit, leather is always a popular choice and was seen all over SS’13 runway especially by Balmain.


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