REISS Event- Spring/Summer 13 Preview

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Event: Reiss Spring Summer 2013 preview

Location: Meydan Racecourse, Dubai

The event held at Meydan Racecourse last night was sublime, and one of the best I’ve attended so far. From entry to exit, I can firmly say I had a whale of a time (apart from the odd moment of feeling like a lost ‘photographer’ because of my sheer amateurishness in being able to coordinate one properly, after all I’m just a girl behind the small screen).

The balcony of the suite oversaw the horse racing, the weather was purrrrfect and the crowd were kicking back and taking the awesome view (Canapés and bubbly) in their stride. The event got me at mini burgers and chocolate coated strawberries, my attention was 150%.  I have to declare, of record, I overheard someone say bovverrrred, thanks to Lauren Cooper I was in hysterics.

Moving on swiftly, the girls were dressed to kill, some donning the SS13 print before the release in a couple of weeks, I was a little green. It’s unfair how gorgeous the clothes are from Reiss *spits dummy out* I could play dress up with the entire Spring/Summer’13 collection and still keep going over and over till Autumn/Winter 2013. I am very particular about my fashion taste, so you can  imagine I’m hard to please, I was pleased! My observation from sneek peeks predict pastels and orange are set to make an appearance in stores soon. I will be running marathon style to get the red leather biker jacket, in case you were wondering what my favourite piece of the night was.

Rhetorical question: How do you like my look?! Reason being, the dress code requested was equestrian. Light coloured pants, riding boots, shirts, hats, blazers are all traits of the look, Right?! I quickly set out to find some inspiration from Google in attempt to throw together items from my already overflowing closet. Luckily enough for moi, I got this blue-ish colour shirt a few days ago from Zara, and slightly over the knee boots from Primark, phew, a quick savior.

Normally at events you tend to find what I like to call ‘wolf-pack’, meaning a set of people ride and die together (Maybe not the die part) BUT (I get scared using the word but, I was always taught to use however but ahh well) I witnessed none of it, everyone seemed approachable, friendly and forthcoming.

I take hand-downs, FYI Reiss 😉

PS the Reiss loving doesn’t stop just there, I will be posting their TDF collection in full to get your mouth’s watering a little.


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