OOTD – Stripes & Leather

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Happy Valentine’s day to each and every person celebrating, wishing you lots of love from your partner and family members alike.

As for me, mother dearest has returned back to the UK – bohooo.  Looks like it’s a trip to the movies with the hubby to watch Die Hard, should be fun. I really hope Dubai Cinema’s (the management) figure something out and runs a monthly movie subscription (as they do in the UK) to watch an endless amount of movies (I have lost count of how many I’ve watched and could have possibly saved), that would be pretty awesome, though I’m not optimistic nor pessimistic about the possibility. Yesterday I watched Bullet to the Head, IMDB is right is giving a 6.5, it wasn’t anything special, although Sarah Shahi is an absolute stunner, have you seen her? I guess her Iranian/Mexican mix is reason for being a brunette bombshell – girlcrush indeed.

I have finally joined Instagram – come on over, my username is @fashky xoxo



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