OOTD: All in One

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Belt: Moschino, All in One & Creepers: Zara, Bag: Celine, Sunglasses: Miu Miu

This outfit post was the last before I got my hair sliced and diced, and I’m actually missing it. What I’m not missing is the knotty part which used to take me an average 5-10 minutes combing out. For someone who doesn’t bow down to hair products, you would of thought I’d have an easy ride, but no, that wasn’t the case. I have to admit the shorter side of the playing field is pretty plain sailing, it takes no time to wash and go, and I might consider leaving it be, lets see.

Having mentioned that I popped by the cinema yesterday (again) and watched Die Hard, it was incredible. I think the bar has been set with this movie, and other producers have some tough competition to beat – You must go and watch it if you’re into action.

How did your Valentine’s day go? Do anything romantic or special?


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