Grazia Style Awards – Why Not Eh!!!

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Dear Friends, I just happened to come across this page on Grazia Middle East’s site and instantly thought why not participate, whats the worst that could happen right (In a mummy voice), not be selected? I think I could live with that but I need your support (your friends, family, partner, children pretty much everyone) and it will only take 2 mins of your time, pretty purlease. (PS you get the chance to win a designer wardrobe by simply voting )

All you have to do is follow the link  Register by entering a few details such as your email address, DOB, Country of Residence etc and fill in the nominations form that looks like the one below with my name Saira Farhat in the following categories:


Look at this creative shot I took of all my Grazia – Middle East Magazines, surely I should get a shot at winning just for that 😉


The categories are: ( I have listed a few options, in case you need some ideas)

  1. Best Boutique – e.g. Sauce, Valleydez etc
  2. Best Department Store (Splurge) –  e.g.Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Saks fifth etc
  3. Best Department Store (Budget) – e.g. Debenhams
  4. Best Shopping Destination – e.g. Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates
  5. Best Online Retailer – e.g. Asos, My-Wardrobe, Boutique1
  6. Best Shop to spend dhs 500 – e.g. New Look, Koton etc
  7. Best Shop to spend dhs 1000 – e.g. H&M, Steve Madden
  8. Best Shop to spend dhs 1500 – e.g. Zara, H&M, Reiss
  9. Best regional designer – e.g. Reemami, Velsvoir
  10. Best local designer e.g. Reemami
  11. Best international designer e.g. Karl Lagerfield, Alexander McQueen
  12. Best accessory designer e.g. Mawi, DanniJo, Chanel
  13. Best regional accessory designer e.g. Chanel
  14. Best shoe designer – Splurge e.g. Valentino, Christian Louboutin,
  15. Best Shoe designer – budget e.g. Steve Madden,
  16. Best style blogger – Saira Farhat 
  17. Most stylish reader – Saira Farhat 
  18. Emerging talent e.g. Velsvoir

All fields need to be filled, so if you’re unsure insert Not Applicable or N/A

Thank you and much love if you do take your time out and vote for me, forever grateful. Saira xoxo


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