OOTD: Camo Chic

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DSC_1087 DSC_1039DSC_0925

Bangles & Bracelets: About That Girl, Joggers: Zara, Cap: Turkey

This bomber leather jacket has got to be my fav purchase simply because it’s real leather that cost me 100aed, that’s around £28 – bargain.  Global Village is an event here in Dubai that takes place every year for a couple of months in which countries showcase the best of what they have.  There are tons of pavilions exhibiting items from clothing to jewellery and strips of restaurants representing each country. I happened to pass the Pakistan stand and came across this distressed leather jacket! Much to my surprise and efforts, I managed to bargain down to a more than comfortable price. It actually made me think, places like All Saints charge a fortune when they get their leather for next to nothing (I’ve bought my fair share of All Saint’s jackets, saying that).

I can’t resist a bit of arm loving so I had to throw on these 3 stone luna bangles finished in weathered and hand textured matt 24ct Gold – Oh yeah!

If you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow me @Fashky, I have finally managed to get the gist of it now, another social media added to the list of others. What next, Oh yeah I forgot Keek.


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