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You might be wondering why I’ve posted Hello! Pakistan’s Logo above!  I can’t contain it any longer, I have to declare to all my lovely and awesome readers that I will be contributing to the Magazine’s blog from a Dubai based perspective.

You ask, am I excited? Well of course I am! I think Hello!Pakistan firstly have understood the importance of shifting with the time and era that is today, not only does it give a real life perspective, but it reaches out to a wider audience.

My blogging style, I like to think of as being more style based as opposed to who’s wearing what at the Brits, I mean don’t get me wrong, I think that’s great, but not for me! I like watching it, it’s almost like going on holiday and taking in the beauty of something, as opposed to snapping away and not really enjoying the moment whilst it happens, if that makes sense!

My first post has been released to all the humans out there, and if zombie’s exist and know how to read – even better! I wont give too much away, you can follow the link here and take a read for yourself.  Just to give you a taster, it’s my insight of the world luxury expo 2013 that took place in Dubai’s iconic Burj-Al-Arab, it was fancy, posh and cultivating.

Here’s a peek at some pics from the event:



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