OOTD: Dubai Miracle Garden (DMG)

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DSC_0181 DSC_0183


Here is an Androgynous take on my outfit snapped from my phone:


Dungaree style Jumpsuit: Zara, Shoes: Mango

I posted on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/fashky how I thought Jumpsuits/All in One/Dungaree’s are going to make a return. I hope they do because I love being reminded of childhood, and the aforementioned clothing takes me back in time.

When I saw a preview of Dubai Miracle Garden, I thought WOW, what a place!  The little-known park was launched on Valentine’s Day. 
Decked with flowers on the ground and hanging from arches, the garden contains up to 45 million flowers. It is currently batting for a Guinness Record for the world’s longest flower wall with a one-km circumference.

A change to the normal scene here in Dubai, I was excited to visit, as I’m sure many people are/were. I wasn’t too pleased, 20aed for entrance (which isn’t so bad) until the security persistently stopped us from taking pictures in certain areas (and it wasn’t ‘kindly move away from this area, flowers are prone to getting damaged’, no-no, it was more like a storm of rage approaching, shouting ‘GET OFF’… I think he left his manners at the door)… it goes to show it’s not a kid-toddler friendly place either. Will I be visiting again, no. Nonetheless, I think it’s a one-off place for the majority, and something that should be visited to see the small amount of beauty this place holds.


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