OOTD: A Shade of Orange

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DSC_0570 DSC_0541

Beanie: H&M mens, Jeans & Tee: H&M,  Clutch & Shoes: Zara

My label reads ‘Made in somewhere cool’ – I’m made for cooler climates, the ability to wear coats and jackets without sweltering and contrarily not too arctic either.  I think I’m banana’s for throwing on a beanie given the temperature is on it’s way up, not head-gear friendly, but then I guess I’m just being me.  I did end up removing it, saved myself from onlookers and their ‘is she crazy’ stare(s), not for me but more for my husband’s sake.

I’ve had this orange coloured MAC lipstick for a while (impulse but I love it), and don’t really get a chance to wear it  (because it’s daring), I thought if this woman in the tee can do it, so can I, so here you go, me wearing it.

Just to give you a movie update, I went to watch Vehicle 19 with Paul Walker, the movie was a 5/10 and that’s me being generous simply because my fav actor was playing lead, the plot was OK and that’s it. Do not waste your monies, if you plan to watch it, wait for it to come out on DVD or whatever new technology allows you to watch movies nowadays.



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