OOTD: Stripe Down

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Comfort is key when it comes to streetstyle, you wont really spot me in towering heels, though, that’s not to say I’m knocking it down! Saying that I don’t really own many flats, I’m an inbetweener kind of lady.  I’ve been scouting for some key items of clothing but its difficult to pass by many in this region, especially when it comes to thrifted or even a dosage of urban outfitters would suffice. There are boutiques pouring out of my ears, though Sauce has got to be my favourite, simply because they stock one of my favourite necklace brands out there, DanniJo.

My bestie at the moment is Zara, though I would LOVE to come across more one-offs that aren’t extortionate, so if you have any recommendations, fire away, I’m all ears.



  1. Lara says

    would be amazing if you would mention where you got your clothing from 🙂 I like the jeans (altho I’m thinking they are leather leggings? Cannot make it out.

    • Hi Lara, the pants are almost a year old, they are coated! You should try Zara, I’m sure I’ve seen them make a return, hope that helps!

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