Walk Abouts

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meeee DSC_0591 DSC_0552 DSC_0545 DSC_0455 DSC_0576

DSC_0551 DSC_0494

Leather Jacket: Zara, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Tee: Boy London, Bag: Chanel Boy Bag

It’s been a while I know, blogging was put on the back seat due to being in the UK for my friends wedding, I had 0 time to even shop let alone OOTD’s.

Don’t you find that when you travel you always overdo the weight, I ALWAYS do and then stress about it until I pass over the suitcase to the assistant to be told you’re ready to go through (relief)!

Relieved with UK weather too, I might have just taken the sun with me for my holiday duration, although I’ve acclimatized to Dubai weather so the cold (even the smallest amount) pierces through me. Not complaining though, it was perfect to wear jumpers and coats, so happy I was.

Glad to be back in Dubai though, I did miss the fab customer service! I didn’t miss the humidity, so I’ve gone for a new haircut, nothing drastic, just a few layers to make it lightweight and manageable.


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