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Hi my loves… MIA seems to be my favourite word at present, I simply can’t keep up with everything… the life of  ‘working hard on something I will share soon’

This is an older look, my Fashion Forward (FFWD) 2 outfit.  You ask what is Fashion Forward?… it’s simply all things fashion, from catwalks showcasing the best of our regional designers, mini boutiques, VIP launch’s, and a chance to meet like-minded people, if possible!  I learnt a tremendous amount during these days, not all good, definitely some lessons on certain people’s expectations which I am grateful for, therefore thank you Bong, the brainchild behind this for running something for us fashion lovers.

One thing that really struck me hard, yet informative, is the approach to collaboration in this region, its shocking how the same perception touches the lips of many.  Bong himself accompanied by Zayan Ghandour (entrepreneur and co founder of Sauce Boutique) and 2 more contributors from the fashion industry in this region talked about Dubai as a fashion hub.  Before Dubai can blossom to become a fashion capital like London, Paris and so on, baby steps need to be adopted and again the phrase ‘Collabitition; collaborating where needed and competing in sales should be second skin to designers and also bloggers, models, etc, and to also achieve  2020 vision that Lindsay Miller, the Managing Director of Dubai Design District talked about.

That’s all from me for now, peace out. xx

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