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If you know me, you will know that I am obsessed with food (alhamdulila – all praise be to god), Chinese, Thai, Mexican… whatever the cuisine, I’m in for it. The downfall to this “I-see-food” mentality is a lifelong battle of losing weight and maintaining a some-what reasonable body. All well and good (so I kept telling myself every time I’d order the Cajun Jambalaya from Cheesecake Factory) until booooom, baby JC arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather this ripe avocado belly, than to go back to my days before he arrived – but damn, it’s like a blocked drain, I cannot flush any of it. Of course, breastfeeding helped to a certain extent (and exercising did NOT come easy with a newborn – I barely scraped going for a walk). And BTW, what is wrong with these amazingly firm and fit women 2 weeks after delivering a baby, I am envious of course, but everything in moderation right? Or not! I’m just jealous.

The moral of this message, I started Jason Vale’s 7Ibs in 7days juicing plan. On day 5 now, as I type. Initially I was torn as to whether I should consume liquids only, or another plan called clean 9, since you are permitted an evening meal of 600 calories from day 3 onwards, I’m glad I chose JV. I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy, but the results speak for themselves, I wanted to pack it all in on day 1, juice 3 to be specific…. GINGER OVERLOAD or what, I was literally dreading my 4th Juice, assuming it would be just as vile, it doesn’t help when you’re smelling it, contemplating, waiting, however the Pineapple saved it, saved me. JV does mention to mix it up if certain juices don’t sit well, or a matter of personal preference on juices recommended, so not all is lost.

I mentioned results earlier on, and yes, I wanted to lose weight first and foremost however I am finding that as the days go on its becoming more about getting the right stuff in for a healthier me, and I am – I feel great, mentally and slightly physically. First thing in the a.m. I am super motivated, so motivated that I falsely declare another month-long of juicing, but in reality I think 7 days is (should be) the right amount. By 6pm, I am my husband’s worst nightmare, in Layman’s terms EVIL (as expected, because now and then the thought of Jambalaya, Prawn, Chicken, Pasta pops into this head) – also what doesn’t help is prepping JC’s food, considering I have just started making him organic home made food, the brown rice smelt oh-sooooo-i-want-to-have-a-bite-and-pretend-it-never-happened, of course I didn’t.

I’m hoping I make it onto phase 2, basically re-introducing solids back into the diet with ease…. That Jambalaya though, has me drooling – don’t take for granted the things you have because you never know when it’s gone – on both fronts, therefore every so often its OK to splurge in moderation on the odd Jambalaya but also maybe juice 1 day a week to gain key nutrients.

BIG PRINT: I AM NOT ENDORSED, this is just me being me, living my life and sharing my Journey.

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