JC is ready for Winter

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Dubai is a place that is very hot (no-shit-Sherlock), and humid (seriously, who would have guessed). If I had a dime for every person that questions my outfit choice… I would be Queen-B of Emirates Hills (I think that’s our equivalent to Beverly hills)….hmmmm la, la laaaaaaa but you live in Dubai, it must be hot wearing that, blah-de-la-de-la.

That takes me onto JC’s winter closet, of course it goes without say, I have to pass down my choice of winter wardrobe, so leather, leather… coats, hats etc etc. I just can’t help it! The best thing (amongst a sea of other’s) is getting JC ready (considering he battles with me everrrrrrrrry single time, nudist by birth, nudist by choice… and he loves it!) what’s more of a surprise, even to me, I hardly shop for myself!

Whenever I go to the mall, first things first… baby is the priority, I turn to the hubby ‘these are just the cutest little things ever’ Hubby: they look like the other 5 you bought last week. Me: pleaseeee what would you know. Even when I’m not mall-ing it, I’m online-ing it. I have a weakness for baby clothes/shoe’s, even before JC was born his shoe collection left mine for dust. Talking about shoes, if there’s any worthy piece of advice I can offer to parents, do not bother yourself! My sister told me over and over, do not buy him many shoes, he will outgrow them, he’ll hardly get to wear them, the weather is hot and he won’t tolerate it. Did I listen, hells no!  Parents always spoil their first, I’m no different. I didn’t want to listen to an experienced mother, who clearly knows what she is talking about.

I love discovering new and upcoming brands for children, and I have a few that I just can’t cope with. My ultimate favourite is Laer, they have the cutest little leathers TDF.

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